Friday, October 14, 2011

The Silver Mine . . . and his

 Look carefully in the background, and you will see my new home away from home! Mom calls it "The Silver Mine . . . . and his" -- with "mine" meaning her, and "his" meaning dad! We traveled all the way to Tennessee to bring her home.

Oh, also be sure to check out my new raincoat! It is a gift from Carie McDowell. It's from the Martha Stewart doggie collection with Marth's signature doggie-bone design on the fabric!

These pictures were taken at one of our first campouts in the new Airstream -- at Fort Loramie State Park. I could get used to being an AIRDOG!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hanging around . . .

Who knows where you'll see me next. My mom is big on finding places for me to pose.


Friday, July 1, 2011

Rallies and Road Trips; Take #1

Summer is finally here, and for the second year in a row I go to go on the family vacation!

The First order of business was to stop by Angela's and get my summer groom -- a little bit shorter for vacation and so much easier to keep neat on the road. Thanks Angela!

Our first stop was to Elkmont Campground in the Great Smokey Mts. and the KOA in Townsend, TN to meet up with lots of other TABs and RPODs to view the syncronized fireflies display that happens every June. I wish I had gotten some pictures of the fireflies -- but they are pretty hard to focus on in the pitch black dark!

But, I did get my picture taken at the KOA with Ken -- a former TAB owner and current full-time work camper at the Townsend KOA! That is my dream some day -- to go and work camp just like Ken & Bonnie!

And my favorite relative, Aunt Tink (mom's sister, Johanna) was camped a the KOA! She LOVES me and one of her favorite things is to go on TAB and RPOD camping rallies where often gets to meet up with ME!
An added benefit is that mom (a TABber) and Aunt Tink (an RPODder) get to spend some time together, too!

It rained a bit and I was glad I came prepared with my yellow slicker. It did nothing to protect my ears and my head, and nothing to protect my feet. I have a feeling that this was just another one of my mom's "dress up" tricks.

 Dad and I got caught eating cream puffs inside the TAB trailer.
 There is not a hint of guilt on my face.
 Looking out the window of the TAB.
Posing with Aunt Tink's flalmingo flock. . .  and with
a little guy called Busta!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pretty in Pink -- for the Summer

Yesterday I reminded Mom that she has been neglecting my blog, and hasn't posted anything new since May! Because I had just gotten back from a visit to Angela's doggie spa, we headed outside for a picture. I got my hair cut a little shorter than usual this time so I would be in good shape for 2 weeks of camping and vacation.

Mom did promise to take lots of pictures and record my travels as we head out for the summer. Check back for reports and pics.

Monday, May 2, 2011

BRR means . . . . .

BRR really means "Blue Ridge Rally", a rally of tiny TAB trailers organized by Sharon Sigmon in the beautiful  Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Mom forgot to tell me that, because when I got there, I thought BRR stood for BaRRRRRRRRRRking ALLOWED!

We drove to the rally through some of the worst storms ever recorded in the southern states, and arrived at 1:00 AM. We were so tired that when the campground sirens went off at 1:30 AM and most campers headed for the bathroom, I slept right through it.

TV 13, a station in Ashville, NC came out to the campground to video a news segment on our tiny trailers. The cameraman caught a look of me doing my dead dog gag and filmed it for the station's Facebook page. Here's a link:

From my point of view, the rally was a doggie success -- here are some of the new friends that I met. (My mom did not do a very good job of getting around and getting pictures of all the doggies that showed up; there were over 12!)




Tink's flock. They moved and lit up and did everything but . . . . BARK!

Spencer & Nancy

Spencer and I got caught wearing matching backpacks around the campground!

Mom couldn't let the weekend go by without plopping me down on a fence rail.

Thursday, March 31, 2011


Did you hear I won 3rd place
in an extreme grooming contest?

                                                 APRIL FOOLS !

Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Farm by the River

Our camping season finally began this weekend with our first trip to Little Farm by the River RV Resort near Rising Sun, Indiana.

Our campsite was right on the Ohio River.  That is me on my picnic table with a view of the river -- and across the river is Kentucky.

The weather was a mix of rain and sun and wind and cold!

I ditched the long-john pjs I have been wearing all fall and winter, in favor of my new (store-bought!) designer wear by Martha Stewart.

Last time I had my hair done, Mom told Angie I was growing my bangs out and not to cut them. This picture shows that I might need to reconsider having the bangs trimmed and styled a bit -- or opt for a top-knot bow to keep them out of my eyes!

We're home now -- but I fear there is a bath in my very near future!